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Point two ProAir Black Adult Small


The ProAir Black air vest offers outstanding protection for equestrian activities like eventing, polo, schooling, and hacking. Its durability, combined with its lightweight design, has made it a top pick among riders. Designed for comfort, you won’t even notice the ProAir Black until you need it.

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The newest features of our airbag trigger system include: • Simplified canister connecting system. A bayonet style connector makes it easier and faster to change your canister and reduces the risk of improper installation. • Simplified way to secure the trigger system end cap. This comes with an allen key that is stored right on the trigger system to help tighten it. • Vests now have foam pads behind the trigger for an even, comfortable fit. • Adjustable straps on both sides of the buckles for a more suitable fit. (Pro Air only) • New pleated neck for better inflation action. (Pro Air & Hunter only) • New neoprene collar for additional comfort. (Pro Air & Hunter only) • 20% faster inflation rate – Point Two Air Vests now inflate between 60 and 80 milliseconds – faster inflation means faster protection from impact. • Lifetime warranty on the airbag component (subject to annual service) • Each air vest comes with a saddle attachment & bungee lanyard and 1 x Co2 canister. • Meets all high-level safety standards. (EN 13158: 2009 and SATRA M38 When inflated, Point Two Air Vests have been designed to absorb shock, distribute pressure, and support the spinal column in the event of a fall. The air jacket offers further support to the collar of the neck, the ribs, the coccyx, the vital organs and even helps to guard against crushing injuries in the event of a rotational fall. Our air vests are fitted with one singular air bag which is why our air jackets inflate faster than others on the market. There are no narrow passages to choke the Co2 dispersion, or chambers that can fold over on each other when a bend in the body occurs. Impact testing conducted by TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) try to recreate a test where there would be potentially fatal impact to the chest. The Point Two air jacket reduced levels of chest compression seen in severe chest impact by more than 55% of those seen in an unprotected fall.  In an equivalent impact, a Level 3 body protector shows only a 9% improvement on chest compression measures compared to no protective clothing. Did you know that after road accidents, paramedics attend more equestrian related accidents than any other type? The most common site of injuries recorded was the chest at 37% and approximately 70% of accidents occur whilst out hacking or schooling than in competition. When used in conjunction with a BETA level 3 body protector the Pro Air improves spinal protection by up to 69% additionally the Pro Air provides approximately 45% more lower spine protection than a BETA level 3 body protector when worn alone. With or without a BETA level 3 body protector underneath there is a reduced risk of rib fractures and underlying organ damage by as much as 20%.  We do highly recommend that have your jacket serviced yearly, after 6 inflations, after a heavy fall or submersion in water.  It is very important that you as the user makes regular checks for wear & tear on your lanyard and replace your lanyard every 2 years dependent on how often and how long you ride.   Check the weight of the Co2 canister for pressure loss – they should weigh 185g (60cc canisters)  or 151g (50cc child canisters) The Pro Air is not designed for use with a Western saddle. Western saddle riders should use the Hunter Air Jacket or Soft Shell Gilet style Air Jacket. The Pro Air Air Vest can be worn with or without a Level 3 body protector but be sure to take your measurements with your body protector on. Each new and refurbished vest comes complete with:- 1 x Co2 canister, 1 lanyard & 1 saddle strap. Note: Min weight for Adult vest use is 6 stone.
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