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Equestrian Product Safety Guidelines

As BETA approved stockists, we have a responsibility to ensure that your body protector or riding hat fits you properly. This protection is extremely important whether you are just a happy hacker, inventor or general equestrian hobbyist. The BETA standard is recognised worldwide and has been in place since 1992 with regular reviews over the years.

Put your trust in us to provide you with well fitting safety products from leading brands.

BETA Guide to riding hats

This guide describes what to look for in a riding hat that fits well and provides information on current global standards and quality symbols to look for when buying a new riding hat.

BETA Guide to Body Protectors

This explanation leaflet provides guidance on the selection and installation of body protectors as well as an overview of the BETA 2009 & 2018 standards and earlier standards.

BETA Guide to Hat Sizes

How to check if your hat is in the right size. Its important for your hat to fit correctly. Find out some helpful tips from BETA. 

BETA Body Protectors Standards

Body protection should always be taken into account, whether you’re preparing to support a young horse, go eventing, or just go out hacking.

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