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Expert Riding Hat Fitting Services

If you have recently bought a riding hat or body protector and need it to be properly fitted, we can sort this for you. Whether you would like to be fitted professionally or you have a child that needs properly fitting, visit us or get in touch.

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Riding Hat Fitting

As British Equestrian Trading Association (BETA) accredited, we are a recognised stockist of BETA approved hats and body protectors and we have been trained to fit them so they offer the utmost safety and comfort while you’re in the saddle. Different brands will vary in size, which is why it is important that you get properly fitted – we will ensure the right hat is chosen an fits perfectly, offering maximum protection and comfort.

During your fitting, we will check:

  • That you hat fits snug with even, firm pressure
  • For uneven pressure points or areas of discomfort
  • That your helmet sits level on your forehead around an inch above the brow
  • That the hat does not rock forward or back without being done up
  • That the chin strap sits just under the chin, gently touching the ear lobe
  • We can out a finger between the chin strap and the chin

If you would like to buy a new helmet, we have a huge range in stock to suit your needs. Browse our range online or come into store.

Body Protector Fittings

We also carry a broad range of body protectors from leading brands for adults and children.

During your fitting, we will check that:

  • It fits snuggly around the waist with more room in the chest
  • You are able to take a deep breath without any restrictions
  • The body protector fully covers your rib cage
  • Check that your body protector isn’t too long at the back which could cause interference with your saddle
  • We will check that when you bend that it isn’t hurting/ digging in to your stomach
person with helmet and body protector

Contact Romsey Saddlery

If you would like your riding hat or body protector fitted correctly, please get in touch.

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