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John Whitaker Chicago Anatomic Breathable Bridle includes 9 loop Rubber Reins


Designed for optimum comfort, the Chicago Anatomic Bridle features a wide, shaped headpiece and adjustable noseband with perforated leather padding which is specially engineered to be moisture wicking and breathable. The keepers are lined with a special grip rubber to stay in place, and the buckles are backed with a small leather disc to avoid discomfort on the sensitive face area.

Perfect for high-intensity training and competition use whilst still being exceptionally comfortable for your horse.

We also do custom fitting and measurements
Br070 Square 700x700


Features:  – Wide Headpiece & Noseband Padding Detail for even pressure distribution – Decorative Contrast Stitch – Stainless Steel Hardware – Pony, Cob or Full sizes – Black or Havana – Includes 9 Loop Rubber Reins  
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