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Hestevard Linseed Oil 1 ltr


Hestevard Linseed Oil 1 ltr

100% Pure, Cold Pressed Linseed Oil, to aid the maintenance of a healthy coat, skin, digestive system & metabolism.

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Linseed Oil Promo 1ltr


Cold pressed Linseed oil is a complimentary feed to assist the maintenance of hair, coat, skin and digestion. Linseed oil is known for it’s excellent digestibility, it’s high proportion of fatty acids which the body cannot produce itself (Omega 3 & 6) and it is also rich in Linoleic acid. Suitable for use during the change of feed, to support the change of coat, provide support to the immune system, it is useful as a flavour enhancer or to mask other tastes. Instructions for proper use: Add 20-60ml daily to the normal feed. (Data calculated for a larger horse of approx 500 kg bw)
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