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Global Herbs Garlic Granules 1 kg


Global Herbs Garlic Granules 1kg

Naturally discourages flies and other insects

Supports general health

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1kg Tub Garlic Granules


Premium quality Garlic Granules for horses. Garlic is known to help discourage flies and insects, as well as encourage normal breathing and healthy skin condition. It’s a simple supplement to add to your horse’s diet and comes with many health benefits. As with all Global Herbs supplements for horses, these are high-quality granules, the highest grade garlic sourced especially for premium results for your equine friends. Benefits of garlic granules for horses: 
    • Naturally discourages flies and other insects
    • Supports general health
    • Naturally insect repellent
    • Supports general health
    • Immune systems support
    • Easy to supplement
    • 100% Garlic
Feeding garlic to horses: Feed 1.5 scoops of garlic per day for an average 500kg horse and more, in the same proportion for larger horses. Garlic can be fed throughout the year and is safe for everyday consumption as additional support for your horse’s health. Will garlic keep flies away? Yes, it’s an ideal herb to supplement and deter insects. It can simply be mixed in with your horse’s feed and keep flies and other insects away. When is it not advisable to give garlic to horses? It’s important to be conscious of interactions with medical treatments and keep your horse healthy. If you have any questions about garlic granules for horses, you’re welcome to contact our advice line for more information. What vitamins and minerals are in garlic granules? Garlic contains manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C selenium, calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron. and vitamin B1. It’s quite a good list with natural mineral content which all have health benefits for horses making it a great choice for horse owners.
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