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Foran Equine Nutri-Gard 1.2kg


Nutri-Gard For complete gut care

Scientifically advanced gut supplement formulated to support stomach & hindgut health and maintain overall digestive function. Contains 12 key ingredients including prebiotics, post biotics and B-vitamins

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Foran Equine Nutri Gard Complete Gut Care 1


Foran Equine Nutri-Guard Complete Gut Care is a scientifically advanced supplement crafted for optimal stomach and hindgut health. Formulated with 12 key ingredients, including prebiotics, postbiotics, and B vitamins, it supports a healthy hindgut microbiome, promotes gut and immune health, and enhances appetite. The inclusion of pectin, l-threonine, dl-methionine, oat fibre, and apple flavour makes it a comprehensive solution for horses prone to acidity, needing digestive support, under stress, on a high concentrate diet, or with low body condition scores. Ensure your horse’s digestive well-being with this cutting-edge gut care supplement.
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